viernes, 20 de abril de 2007

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martes, 17 de abril de 2007


Hello name is Maria Gabriela Morillo, I have 21 year old , I lifes in Maracaibo city ,
I m study in urbe pre- school .
I like dance, singer and I go to the visiti my family in of cabimas city the weekends with my mother and my two brothers. I am very happy.



1.- what is your name?
her is dilia narvaez
2.- how old are you?
Her is 70 years old
3.- where were you born?
She was born in nueva esparta
4.- did you grow up there?
Yes, I grew up there
5.- where did you go to elementary school?
I went to Santo cristo elementary school
6.- where did you go to high school?
I went to Santo cristo del valle high school
7.- Did you study foreig languages?
No, I didn” t
8.- How old were you when you started the university?
No; she didn”t go to the university
9.- what”s your favorite childhood memory?
I used to go the beach with family
10.- what sport or games did you use to play when you were younger?
I used to play volleyboll
11.- Did you use to have a nickname?
No, she didn”t
12.- Where did you use to spend your vacations?
I used to spend my vacation in maracaibo
13.- Did you use to have a part-time job?
No she didn”t
14.- Did you use to have a pet ( dog , cat, )?
Yes, she had a dog and his name was Tronquito
15.- Whta about your favorite food?
She is favorite food is fish

Maria G. Morillo
C I: 181211187
March 08 th, 2007
Mr. Gobernator of Zulia State
Manuel Rosales
State Departament

Before every thing a cordial gretig

I adrees you throw this letter which has.
That municipium from a time is bean griven. On the main runways of the city a great quantity of treoubles in those ways as strikes, greats cues, etc becoming this a sick thing to an the minicipium .

Another important points is the big quantity of peed jost that nowadays have been placed. On the main roads of the country, those are necessary to present risks cars but they are unconfortables to maracaibo.

I as a citizen, borned on this minicipium I m reqaly worried and I would like that you as the main manayer of this city will make another ideas to pacify the city. I hope a quick anwer from you.

Nothing to say, I law you off with a formal greeting....

Maria G. Morillo

C.I. 18121187
Sección: D522
Teacher: Doris Molero

Caesar Salad

Caesar salad
This salad is from the europern continent, and it was everated to emperor caesar, who for that time liked that his people invented and created special foods for him. Thant this fact his cookerrs invented great variety of foods and ane of them was the salad which ane the emperor put his name caesar. From that time until today the salad is called caesar salad.
Ingredients of “Caesar Salad”:
Ø Italian lehuce
Ø Bacon
Ø Toasted bread
Ø Salt, pepper and alive oil


Ø First you f ried the bacon
Ø Then you eat the lehuce in small pieces
Ø Then you mix in a big cup the pieces of lehuce, the cubes of toasted bread then the bacon and at the and the bacon and at the end the salt, pepper and olive oil you want for giving flavor to salad
Bon apetit!!!

Maria Gabriela Morillo
C.I. 18121187
Sección: D522
Teacher: Doris Molero